TAISEN 1st workshop aims to be a forum for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to present and discuss novel ideas, solutions and results aiming to provide a solid contribution towards trust in AI, protocols, services and networks in open ecosystems by interconnecting communities of AI, protocols for security and network security.

    The advances in wireless technologies, like 5G (and beyond) enable an increased number of interconnected devices accessing heterogeneous services, such as those in the Internet of Things. The hyperconnectivity enables an open and diversified ecosystem, where trust is a foundational feature to promote secure interconnections between stakeholders and different entities managing networks and services. Trust is highly dynamic in open ecosystems and needs to be managed in all the levels, data security mechanisms need to be in place to comply with privacy and protection requirements (e.g., GDPR), AI models need to be trustworthy, transparent and explainable, communication solutions need to comply with the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) triad. Mechanisms to identify when and how one can rely in a relationship are the pillars in Trust Management Systems (TMS), which need to tackle with robust identity management approaches, distributed and remote attestation approaches to provide evidence certifying device/service behavior that builds up the reputation information of entities.

    Trust in AI, in networking, in services has an intrinsic associated complexity, since trust needs to be handled at the data layer to comply with several trust attributes like data confidentiality, integrity, encryption, among others. At the model layer to comply with traceability and explainability trust indicators and at the application/service layer fairness, security and risk indicators need to be properly managed. At the same time, artificial intelligence is significantly shaping our digital landscape. Trusted information schemes, such as Federated Learning, blockchain-based solutions or secure aggregation protocols, are some of the innovative ways in which AI is fostering trust in several networking domains.

Call For Papers

TAISEN looks for original research and practical experience papers.

Important Dates

Manuscript submission deadline is
7th July, 2023 >> 21st July, 2023 -- Extended


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